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            • 文章
            Engineering design

            A high quality tooling begins from a right design; our design principle is to guarantee the high efficiency, safety and durability of the tools.

            Our design team by a number of talented designers and more than 20 years of experience manager in mold design field; meanwhile, we are equipped with the most state of the art hardware and design software, our design team has sufficient capacity to bring your concept into a real perfect product. 

            From the first stage of a project, our experienced engineering team will provide a DFM report to advice customers on part analysis (including parting line/gate location/part warpage/shrinkage etc.), tooling feasibility and optimization solutions that contribute to the success of their products. 

            Each new project, we will provide a professional mold flow analysis report to assist verification and optimizing

            mould design, to make sure we make high-quality design.

            Therefore, we pay special attentions to the mold construction, cooling channels and moving mechanisms, to ensure the highest quality parts are delivered from its mold at the minimum cycle. All molds are carefully designed to maximize its service life and to easy maintenance. We can submit 2D instruction design to our customers around 2~7 working days upon order and Kick off drawings. 

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            Address:NO.26 Tangkou industrial zone TianLiao Community  Guangming New District Shenzhen, Guangdong , China
            TEL:+86  0755-21017247
            FAX:+86 0755-21017247
            Zip Code:518106

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